Season 2 Episodes (2013-2014)

  • S2: Episode 47 - Buffalo Comicon 2014 :: 10-8-2014

    In this GIGANTIC issue, Drew & Jay are LIVE on the floor of the 2014 Buffalo Comicon, with a review of the new female-led "Thor" #1, an interview with Isle Squared Comics' Chuck Amadori, writer Alec Frazier, and guest appearances by the one and only Allen Waiters, AND the Queen City Knights, Virg & Carl!

  • S2: Episode 46 - African Wolvie Safari :: 10-1-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay christen Jay's new house and casting couch when they go into the deep recesses of the Congo to review "Punisher/Wolverine: African Saga," celebrate Marvel's settlement with the Kirby family, and try to stop fan on fan crime!

  • S2: Episode 45 - Annihilated :: 9-18-2014

    In this issue, Jay makes his glorious return to OCP! Drew & Jay then go meta-fictional, Hollywood-style, along with Grant Morrison with his new series, "Annihilator!"

  • S2: Episode 44 - The Sin Bin :: 9-10-2014

    In this issue, while Jay is away working on stately Gelsomino Manor, Drew & Carl from Queen City Knights wrap up the final issue of Marvel's latest event, "Original Sin" #8! Plus lots of news this week!

  • S2: Episode 43 - Trouser-Friendly Kisses :: 9-3-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay go back in time, to an era where everyone smoked & drank, and socks were used for an entirely different purpose with "The Fade Out" by the always amazing Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips!

  • S2: Episode 42 - Multiversity at Buffalo :: 8-27-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay break out their No. 2 pencils, crack open their books, and study hard when they review Grant Morrison's long awaited "Multiversity" #1! Plus, a ton of back-issue catch up and news!

  • S2: Episode 41 - The Killing Pod :: 8-13-2014

    In this issue, the Retro Review returns when Drew & Jay dive into Alan Moore & Brian Bolland's classic "Batman: The Killing Joke" and naturally discuss the ending at length! Plus all your comics news of the week!

  • S2: Episode 40 - Guardians of Comic Con :: 8-6-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay are hooked on a feeling when they BOTH finally see Guardians of the Galaxy and tell you all about it (as if you don't already know!), and discuss the big announcements from San Diego Comic Con!

  • S2: Episode 39 - When Fanboys Cry :: 7-23-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay weigh in about Marvel's new female Thor and Sam Wilson/Captain America announcements with a big dose of reality in the face of the faux outrage and controversy! Also a nice list of the many people who have previously held the mantles of Thor and Cap!

  • S2: Episode 38 - You Don't Know Dick :: 7-16-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay double-team the biggest Dick of them all with "Grayson" #1 by Tim Seely and Mikel Janin! Dick everywhere! So much Dick!

  • S2: Episode 37 - Robo Rocket :: 7-9-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay agree on full raccoon prosthesis as they check out the all-new "Rocket Raccoon" #1 by Skottie Young, and with much excitement and anticipation, "Robocop" #1 by Joshua Williamson & Carlos Magno!

  • S2: Episode 36 - Cowl Me Maybe :: 7-2-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay be sure to attend all meetings and pay their union dues when they review "COWL" #1 by Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel, and Rod Reis! And are the X-Men joining the Fantastic Four on the cancellation pile? Probably not. But let's talk about it anyway! And some Episode 100 talk!

  • S2: Episode 35 - OCP Team-Up '66! :: 6-24-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay become made men in the mob when they check out Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Avon Oeming's new series "The United States of Murder Inc." #1! Also, episode 100 draws nearer... what does it mean???

  • S2: Episode 34 - OCP Team-Up '66! :: 6-18-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay travel back in time, sort of, to review Kevin Smith, Ralph Garman, & Ty Templeton's new cross-over team-up, "Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet" #1! Plus, DC casting news makes us giggle.

  • S2: Episode 33 - More Punches Hurt :: 6-4-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay take another trip to the ever-expanding Millarworld and review Mark Millar & Duncan Fegredo's "MPH" #1! And is Marvel cancelling the Fantastic Four just to spite Fox??

  • S2: Episode 32 - Retcons of Future Past :: 5-28-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay head into the Danger Room to find the good, the bad, and the insanely broken ugly in the new movie, "X-Men: Days of Future Past!"

  • S2: Episode 31 - Canadian Justice :: 5-21-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay don their hockey jerseys and enjoy some poutine in this Canadian-themed episode to review "Justice League United" #1, and answer listener-submitted questions about Godzilla, Batfleck, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more!

  • S2: Episode 30 - Sinfully Original :: 5-15-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay watch the Watcher... get shot through the head and his eyes cut out in Marvel's new event "Original Sin" #1! That escalated quickly!

  • S2: Episode 29 - The Amazing Spider-Man Spectacular (Spider-Man)! :: 5-6-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay are joined by Queen City Knight and Spider-Man super-fan Carl Doody to share American/Canadian border horror stories and get their spider-senses tingling reviewing "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" and the return of Peter Parker in Marvel's all-new "Amazing Spider-Man" #1!

  • S2: Episode 28 - Love & QB Bills :: 4-30-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay take a trip back in time and down to the bayou to review a classic Alan Moore story, "Swamp-Thing: Love and Death," and catch up on some current reads!

  • S2: Episode 27 - Iron Fisted :: 4-24-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay cover a TON of comics when they go through they backlog, and then focus in on the All-New Marvel Now "Iron Fist: The Living Weapon" #1!

  • S2: Episode 26 - CAPCAPCAPCAPCAPCAP :: 4-7-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay talk all about the simply awesome CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER! What more do you need? Let's do this!

  • S2: Episode 25 - Turtle Baby Heads :: 4-2-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay check out "Animal Man" #29, the final issue of the series by Jeff Lemire, and say hello yet again to the Man Without Fear in All-New Marvel Now's All-New (and Now!) "Daredevil" #1 by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee! Also, about that Turtles trailer...

  • S2: Episode 24 - Not So Marvelous :: 3-20-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay try to figure out the all new "Captain Marvel" #1 but are left more interested in discussing characters from the movie "Ghost" starring Patrick Swayze. Next week: Omni Ghost Podcast?!?

  • S2: Episode 23 - The Moon and the Stars :: 3-12-2014

    In this issue, JAY IS BACK! The proud papa rejoins Drew on OCP to talk about Mark Millar & Goran Parlov's "Starlight" #1, the new "Moon Knight" #1 by Warren Ellis, the gory details of child birth, and the even gorier details of diaper duty! Welcome back Jay!

  • S2: Episode 22 - All Hail the Baby :: 3-5-2014

    In this issue, Jay has a baby! No, seriously! And in his absense, Drew & Carl from Queen City Knights check out the new Marvel Studios short "All Hail the King," and talk about current comics, video games, and of course, curling!

  • S2: Episode 21 - Robocop (Sort of) :: 2-26-2014

    In this very special episode, Drew & Jay entered the theater terrified and braved their worst nightmares to review the new remake of "Robocop." How did they fare? Well...

  • S2: Episode 20 - Shulk Hogan, We Comin' For You! :: 2-20-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay go deep inside "She-Hulk"... #1 that is! Also reflections on creepy stalker exes, barbecue, oh and that super awesome in ways you never even knew you wanted "Guardians of the Galaxy" trailer!

  • S2: Episode 19 - Impeccable Taste :: 2-11-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay get caught up to the All-New Marvel Now, not to be confused with the previous Marvel Now, which is now Then. We're at All New Now now. So that brings us to "Loki: Agent of Asguard" #1 and yet another new "Punisher" #1!

  • S2: Episode 18 - Pittsburgh of the Dead :: 1-30-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay review George A. Romero & Alex Maleev's "Empire of the Dead" #1, recap their trip to Pittsburgh for the WWE Royal Rumble, and Jay finally reaches the end of the road with the Avengers.

  • S2: Episode 17 - Pod Dynamite :: 1-24-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay travel to the mysterious Kung Fu Island and back when they review "Black Dynamite" #1!

  • S2: Episode 16 - QB Miracles :: 1-16-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay read a classic that has finally made its way back to print, the legendary "Miracle Man" #1! And while the work is good, Drew has some choice words for the writer.

  • S2: Episode 15 - Original Widow :: 1-10-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay are still dreaming of Dark Family Matters, but find a way to review "Wolverine: Origin II" #1 and "Black Widow" #1, and also run down all of the awesome announcements from Image Expo!

  • S2: Episode 14 - Year One Matters :: 1-2-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay try to review the classic "Batman: Year One" but take a detour and tumble down the rabbit hole imagining a drastically new and gritty version of Family Matters!

  • S2: Episode 13 - The Dork Knights Return! :: 12-23-2013

    In this issue, Drew & Jay return from an 8-year absence to stop a... Nah, to hell with that noise. After a month of exile, it's the OCP Year in Review Show! Time to catch up on the last month, talk about the year in comics that was, and year to come!

  • S2: Episode 12 - Living Damian :: 11-13-2013

    In this issue, Drew & Jay fawn over the rather dreamy guys & gals (and decent flick) of Thor: The Dark World!

  • S2: Episode 11 - Living Damian :: 11-6-2013

    In this issue, Drew & Jay recap the events at Jay's recent wedding, learn to be careful what they wish for reviewing "Damian: Son of Batman" #1 by Andy Kubert, and find a glimmer of hope for the ol' Sentinel of Liberty in "Captain America: Living Legend" #1 and #2!

  • S2: Episode 10 - Velvet Dark :: 10-30-2013

    In this issue, Drew & Jay dive into the spy game with Ed Brubaker & Steve Epting's newest title "Velvet" #1, and step into the sci-fi world with our friend Chuck Amadori's "Pale Dark" #1!

  • S2: Episode 9 - BUFFALO COMICON 2013 :: 10-23-2013

    In this issue, Drew & Jay return in a big bad way to the floors of Buffalo Comicon! Your intrepid heroes recap what's been up in the last few weeks, report live from the show floor, and even have a few guests stop by. Listen up!

  • S2: Episode 8 - That Car Better Fly :: 9-25-2013

    In this issue, Drew & Jay... Oh the hell with it, COULSON LIVES. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is here!

  • S2: Episode 7 - Saint Drewswhere :: 9-18-2013

    In this issue, Drew & Jay are live from the fallout shelter, recovering from some equipment problems, but reviewing the new "Hit" #1 from Boom Studios! To round things out, you even get a dose of OCP UNPLUGGED!

  • S2: Episode 6 - Pick a Card :: 9-4-2013

    In this issue, Drew & Jay dig out from the Affleck fallout and step into the time machine to look at every kid's gateway to understanding of the Marvel Universe - the first Marvel Universe trading card series from 1990! And Drew has done quite a bit of reading this week!

  • S2: Episode 5 - Fleck Devil :: 8-28-2013

    In this issue, it's all about Ben Affleck. What more needs to be said?

  • S2: Episode 4 - BatDex :: 8-21-2013

    In this issue, Drew & Jay get up to speed on the new and "improved" take on Batman's origin with part 3 of Scott Snyder's Zero Year, "Batman" #23. And with the tv show ending, can "Dexter" #1 give Drew & Jay their "Dexter" itch, or does it end up on the kill table?

  • S2: Episode 3 - Robo-Trillium Trippin :: 8-15-2013

    In this issue, Drew & Jay check out the awesome symmetry of Jeff Lemire's newest creator-owned title, "Trillium" #1! And despite their love of Alex Murphy, Frank Miller's "Robocop: Last Stand" #1 makes them wish for total comic prosthesis!

  • S2: Episode 2 - SNIKT Spectacular! :: 8-12-2013

    In this issue, it's all about our favorite Canadian- Wolverine! Drew & Jay tackle the new film, "The Wolverine", as well as the legendary mini-series that inspired it by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller! SNIKT!

  • S2: Episode 1 - The Dark Knight Rises Re-Revisited! :: 8-1-2013

    SEASON 2 BEGINS. In this first issue in an all-new season of OCP, Drew & Jay re-visit the movie that birthed the show- "The Dark Knight Rises", as well as re-cap all of the big news from the 2013 San Diego Comicon! And Jay has a rather sizeable announcement! Let the new era begin!