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S2: Episode 45 - Annihilated :: 9-18-2014

In this issue, Jay makes his glorious return to OCP! Drew & Jay then go meta-fictional, Hollywood-style, along with Grant Morrison with his new series, "Annihilator!"

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  • S2: Episode 44 - The Sin Bin :: 9-10-2014

    In this issue, while Jay is away working on stately Gelsomino Manor, Drew & Carl from Queen City Knights wrap up the final issue of Marvel's latest event, "Original Sin" #8! Plus lots of news this week!
  • S2: Episode 43 - Trouser-Friendly Kisses :: 9-3-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay go back in time, to an era where everyone smoked & drank, and socks were used for an entirely different purpose with "The Fade Out" by the always amazing Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips!
  • S2: Episode 42 - Multiversity at Buffalo :: 8-27-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay break out their No. 2 pencils, crack open their books, and study hard when they review Grant Morrison's long awaited "Multiversity" #1! Plus, a ton of back-issue catch up and news!
  • S2: Episode 41 - The Killing Pod :: 8-13-2014

    In this issue, the Retro Review returns when Drew & Jay dive into Alan Moore & Brian Bolland's classic "Batman: The Killing Joke" and naturally discuss the ending at length! Plus all your comics news of the week!
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