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Episode 114 - Double Dare :: 4-16-2015

In this issue, Drew & Jay do what everyone else does - tell you to watch Daredevil on Netflix, this time with 100% less Affleck and playground fights, and 120% more awesome and respect for the characters!

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  • Episode 113 - End Thing :: 4-3-2015

    In this issue, Drew & Jay review the finale of one of the their favorite DC books, "Swamp-Thing," and give a little retrospective on the run, plus lots of wrestling chatter, and of course, Deadpool!
  • Episode 112 - The Dork Knights Strike Again :: 3-26-2015

    In this issue, Drew & Jay return from the ashes! But where have they been? All things are revealed, tears are shed, opinions are expressed, and things get physical! Because the fan demanded it, OCP is back for you!
  • Episode 111 - Everything is Not Awesome :: 2-4-2015

    In this issue, Drew & Jay are back to discuss some cosmic happenings, including the new Fantastic Four trailer, Marvel's upcoming reboot and Secret Wars, and... the Joker? Wait... what?
  • Episode 110 - Jaxxon Jaxxoff :: 1-21-2015

    In this issue, Drew & Jay delve into a tale from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away with Marvel's all-new "Star Wars" #1 by Jason Aaron & John Cassaday! So, does Star Wars' return to Marvel Comics make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, or is it just more Bantha poo-doo?
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