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Episode 106 - Shaq's Americana :: 12-17-2014

In this issue, Drew & Jay travel through time and space to bring you an episode years in the making as they go WAY into Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely's newest masterwork, "Pax Americana!"

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  • Episode 105 - Surviving Snowpocalypse with Cap :: 11-26-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay speak of their (not-so) harrowing adventures in the November snow storm, which threw this week's planned review out in the cold, and resulted in a fallback with "All New Captain America" #1, starring Sam Wilson (yay!) and written by Rick Remender (boooooo!).
  • Episode 104 - Baby in a River :: 11-16-2014

    In this issue, Jay has returned! Drew & Jay are back in the friendly confines of Cobra Island Studios to review Jason Aaron's "Men of Wrath" #1! Also, LOTS of events coming up. But really, who cares?
  • Episode 103 - What a Marvelous World :: 11-5-2014

    In this issue, with Jay enjoying a day out of town, Drew is live at Queen City Bookstore with Carl & Virginia to unpack and basque in the geeky glory of Marvel's bombshell movie announcements! And a certain someone crashes the party! (SPOILERS: it's Jay!)

  • Episode 102 - Ketchup :: 10-29-2014

    In this issue, Drew & Jay catch up with (almost) all of the happenings of the last couple weeks, including DC's upcoming movie schedule, the epic Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, Marvel's odd event revival and cancellations, and catch up on what they've been reading!
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